Wash & Chamois dry

Wheels and Tires cleaned

Streak Free windows

Interior vacuum

Vinyl protection

Wipe door jams

Air freshener

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​​our services

Includes a Full service Wash,plus Wax applied to provide a durable gloss finish.

​Complete Interior Detail $120. and Up

Full Service wash ,plus upholstery shampoo or leather cleaning & Conditioning, Shampoo floor mats and carpets,Air freshener.

Full Service Wash  $40. and Up

Full Detail $180. and Up

Wash & Chamois dry

Wheels Cleaned and tires cleaned

exterior and Interior windows cleaning

interior vacuum,vinyl protection to dash,console & door panels

clean door jams

Leather or upholstery shampoo clean & condition

shampoo floor mats and carpets

Wax applied with orbital polisher to protect paint,using a professional grade waxes

polish all chrome

dress all exterior trim

​air freshener

Full Service Wash & Wax  $60 and Up


Showtime Mobile Detail

                                        Additional Services

Clay Treatment__________ Starts at $100.               Decals removal__________ Starts at $20.

Leather Treatment______ Starts at $40.                 Window tint removal____ Starts at $15.

Headlight Restoration___ Starts at $60.                 Engine Detail____________ Starts at $50.

Motorcycle Detail________ Starts at $40.                 Boat Detail______________ By Estimate

Rv Detail__________________ By Estimate                    Ceramic Coating________By Estimate

Sealer _____________________Starts at $100.    

And Much More!!!!!!!!!!!!